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#21 - Karl Swanepoel: empowering freelancers, building impactful startups

Today's episode is with Karl Swanepoel, CEO of Revolancer. We have discussed multiple topics ranging from how freelancer websites are doing things wrong, how Revolancer empowers freelancers, starting your own business, connecting with the right people, and much more!

00:00 Intro

00:42 Karl's introduction

01:00 What is Revolancer and what they offer?

01:43 What is the role of a CEO?

02:47 Cultural difference between a startup and a company

03:46 Finding the right people to work at your startup

07:10 Advice on starting your own startup for someone entering the field of entrepreneurship

15:14 Advice on finding the right people to ask for advice/mentoring

18:04 Revolancer's seed round + procedure of getting a seed round and investment advice

27:32 Why would someone aim to secure funds from an investor?

30:49 Karl's adventures starting BuySellJobs at age 15

33:07 Karl's adventures being the youngest-ever brand ambassador for Britain’s largest business conference, The Business Show

34:40 Founding RocketBlast Digital and how agencies should be fair with their clients

38:51 The role of a CMO (chief marketing officer) and steps to help a startup get noticed in the public

42:42 Karl co-founding Leapinto (non profit organization) with Kevin Mansell-Abell where they helped students with their career concerns by connecting them to industry professionals and opening their eyes to the real work world.

47:34 Karl's adventure managing The Watch Face, a watch oriented magazine which he managed from age 16 till 18

49:51 Karl's advice on how can someone market themselves online

52:47 Did growing up in different countries affects Karl's view on doing business?

55:23 Studying artificial intelligence + consideration of leaping into AI

56:59 Mental health question

01:01:38 Outro

I really enjoyed recording this episode with Karl! If you are interested to connect with Karl then please consider following him on LinkedIn!

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Karl's Website -



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