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#23 - Fadi Boulos: Hiring right and supporting local in companies

Today's episode is with Fadi Boulous, founder and CEO of Supportful. We have discussed several topics from supporting local talent, decreasing the brain drain, supporting companies efficiently, dealing with remote teams, hiring the right talent, and much more

00:00 Intro

00:44 Fadi's intro

01:13 Fadi's journey switching from academia to entrepreneurship

03:15 Lebanon's 2019 crisis

04:11 Key takeaway from entrepreneurship

04:38 Formal education is no longer critical

06:38 How Supportful started as a side hustle

09: 11 Creating connections with people

11:38 Supportful's mission

13:47 Maintaining strong remote teams

15:46 Criteria to prioritize when hiring new talent + company culture

17:15 Community influence on direction and growth

20:20 Key strategies for visibility, sales, and customer base

22:16 Personal accounts vs company accounts for authenticity

26:05 Balancing technical skills with sales

28:51 Strategies and practices in building a talent pool + keeping the team up to date

35:54 Culture difference between France and Lebanon

37:54 Customer feedback's influence on service development

39:13 Fadi's leadership philosophy

40:59 Where the tech industry heading towards in the next 5 years

47: 42 Advice for people to become founders

49:48 Work life balance for founders and CEOs

53:36 Mental health question

01:02:14 Outro

If you wish to learn more about Supportful then feel free to check out their official website

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